Cabs Digital offers consulting services within advanced system- and software design through Björn Strandmark. As responsible for the company in general and the software design area in particular Björn develops the portfolio of software services and products.

Björn is a very experienced software engineer and has worked in many roles, with  everything from programming to architecture, documentation and training, but also with project management in various shapes. During the years he has tried a few business areas such as automation, medical technology, communication and telecom, both as employee and contractor. Technology-wise he has mostly worked with embedded systems but also with PC systems. He has mainly developed frameworks and platforms but also a few applications, within technology areas such as communication and mobile multimedia among others.

Lately Björn has started to design web sites and applications and the goal is to add advanced web design consulting services and products to the portfolio going forward. Together Björn and Camilla are able to offer complete web solutions with their joined competence in web technology and photography.

Don’t hesitate to contact Björn if you want to know more about the Cabs Digital software design offering…