Cabs Digital offers photography services through the photographer Camilla Alvén. As company responsisble for the photography area Camilla develops the portfolio of photography services and products. Today Camilla offers product photography, portrait photography and other types of commercial photography. Camilla also builds the company archive with royalty free photos to a fixed price; read more about Camillas offering at

Camilla is an experienced photographer and has also worked with photo development and sales for many years. She won Photo Challenge 2008 with her pictures, a photo contest arranged by, a major swedish photo community. Camilla enjoys shooting portraits, landscape and still life pictures. She prefers simple shapes, pure style and natural daylight. Her pictures can be described by the words “less is more”.

Feel free to visit Camillas home page On the home page you can enjoy her pictures, read about how she works and the equipment she uses and what services she offers. Camilla is also driving the blog Camilla Alvén; here she publishes pictures almost daily, you are most welcome to follow her.

Don’t hesitate to contact Camilla if you want to know more about the Cabs Digital photography offering…