"Software design, web design and photography"

Reliability and quality to affordable prices

About Cabs Digital

Cabs Digital is a company that offers services within software design, web design and photography. The mission is to offer creative services of high quality to competetive prices. The company was founded the summer 2010 and is operating in the expanding Oresund region in the southern part of Sweden.


Cabs Digital offers consulting services within advanced system- and software design through Björn Strandmark. As responsible for the company in general and the software design area in particular Björn develops the portfolio of software services and products.


Cabs Digital offers photography services through the photographer Camilla Alvén. As company responsisble for the photography area Camilla develops the portfolio of photography services and products. Today Camilla offers product photography, portrait photography and other types of commercial photography; read more about Camillas offering at camillaalven.se.